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[Mother's Day Gift] A gift that will move mom at once~ StephyDesignHK exclusively recommends Designs for Mother Gift Set!

On Mother's Day, would you like to give your mother a sweet and touching gift?  

Mom doesn't seem to lack anything, but in fact, they want to be close to you the most and want to hear how much you love her. Unfortunately, this is not something you usually say casually. This year's covid-19 may also prevent you from being able to go home to see your mother. 

StephyDesignHK exclusively recommends the lazy bag, for youMother's Day silk scarf custom giftAnd the written heart card, to help you move your mother with an act of love. Let each other be closer and closer. 

StephyDesignHK designs differentMother's Day Gifts] Show love to mothers ~ lazy bag! Come and see.

To you, who is your mother? Your biological mother, your spouse's mother, your grandmother, whoever is kind to yourselfGodmother, aunt, aunt... elders, who do you think of? At this time... do you want to say "I love you! Thank you!" to them?

We are too busy, too accustomed to daily life, even if we have a thank you to my mother, we don't care to express it. This gift box has prepared for you silk scarves and accessories that your mother will definitely use, love it anytime in hot and cold weather, and a text full of affection, I hope that on Mother's Day, the mother will be delighted and moved the moment she opens the gift!

✿ This gift is up to you to choose and match your own DIY ✿ 

A) Heart Cards - Different love words are written for different mothers (will be introduced separately below)
B) Super soft feel silk scarf: Small square silk scarf 54cm x 54cm / Scarf 90cm x 90cm
C) 10 scarf button styles: Choose a one-of-a-kind outfit for your personalized mother.

D) Customized card, exclusive mother's day card, you will name it and give it to your mother. 

 To Dear Mom [Mother's Day Gift Box]

stephydesignhk mother'sday

 stephydesignhk mother gift set

 Every girl has a female shadow - her mother, an inseparable mother-daughter bond. This gift is for mothers and daughters, to express each other's hearts, silk scarves, silk scarf buckles and a mother and daughter heart card, a gentle, affectionate gift for girls.

 Mother-in-law/grandma - thank you【Mother's Day Gift Box】

 This is a special gift for mother-in-law/grandmother (in Hong Kong, grandma is the honorific title of a wife to her husband's mother).

stephydesignhk scarf gift for mother in law

stephydesignhk mother in law gift set  stephy mother in law gift set

Meeting a mother-in-law/grandmother who cherishes you is like a lucky flower floating towards you, it is luck and gratitude, Give gifts to mother-in-law/grandmother on Mother's Day, we have prepared something to say for you, write it on the card with a silk scarf button, plus a silk scarf that your mother can definitely use, and take care of it at any time in hot and cold weather. This is a gift that enhances feelings, opening is happiness and moving!

 giveGodmother Godmother [Mother's Day Gift Box]

Mother's Day reminds you not only of your own mother, but also Godmother, who has always loved you. She may understand you better than your mother, listen more patiently, love and help you.

stephydesignhk godmother gift set

stephy scarf godmother gift set

If you meet, congratulations! We design for youA gift for Godmother, on Mother's Day, say "Happy Mother's Day" to this special mother with a gift! Let her know that you value her, love her, and thank her!

Be a mother to the soon-to-be -【Mother's Day Gift Box】

What a day she is looking forward to when everyone sends blessings. To receive this congratulations and encouragement from you, she will be full of courage to welcome the coming of new life and welcome the wonderful future in blessing.

stephydesignhk to new mother gift set

stephydesignhk scarf gift for new mother

This gift box is for a friend who will soon become a mother, a super soft silk scarf that is pampered in all seasons, with colorful and delightful line illustrations, a silk scarf buckle for easy wearing, a ring accessory, and a text full of blessings! Come and send blessings and encouragement to such a special good friend! She will receive the message of your love for her.



We sincerely recommend STEPHYDESIGNHK's Mother's Day silk scarf gifts for mothers all over the world. Combining handcraft and unique creativity, each Mother's Day gift is the crystallization of the designer's heart, hand and heart. I want to know our design concept andhandmade process, please clickhere, another blog post to share in detail!

We only have one wish, and what moms receive is love and joy!