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How to cancel or return the goods after the order is established?

  • If you want to cancel an unshipped order, please call or email the customer service specialist, who will handle it for you immediately


  • To enable you to have a safe and pleasant shopping experience, We have set up a 7-day return guarantee for you. You can start from receiving the goods  7Free return of goods within days.

If you are not satisfied with the goods you received, you can return them and get a full refund, Without any reason, we can unconditionally provide you with a replacement or return.


Please make sure you have carefully read the return instructions, And apply for return according to the following steps:

Notice for returns

  1. The returned or exchanged goods are unused or damaged goods
  2. Goods must keep the original packaging of the goods without opening the label
  3. Before returning the goods, you must communicate with the customer service specialist by email, We will notify you of the return shipping address.
  4. The freight incurred by the return and exchange shall be borne by the customer.
  5. In order to maintain the preferential price of the goods, we did not calculate the additional shipping cost into the selling price, so sorry that the shipping cost will not be refunded.


After receiving the returned merchandise, we will return the payment to the customer within 14 working days after checking that the merchandise is intact.

-If the order comes with free gifts, it must be sent back together, otherwise no refund will be given.

-The freight incurred by the return and exchange shall be borne by the customer.



-The goods must be those in stock at Stephydesignhk.

-If the price of the selected product is higher than the returned product, the customer will have to pay the difference.

-If the price of the selected item is lower than the returned item, The difference is not refundable.

-The freight incurred by the return and exchange shall be borne by the customer.


Note-There is no return or exchange service for customized products.

All Stephydesignhk customized products are made for you. If you return a gift that belongs only to you, it cannot be used for other purposes. I hope you can understand why we cannot accept returns/refunds.