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Taiwan Order-Real-Name Authentication

Yili Committee Registration Matters

In response to the announcement by the Customs Administration of Taiwan’s Ministry of Finance, starting from January 16, 2019, before overseas parcels enter Taiwan, recipients should complete real-name authentication to facilitate parcel delivery.

Reminder: Please download the designated real-name verification APP "EZ WAY" through your mobile phone and complete the registration of personal identity information. At the same time, please make sure to fill in your full Chinese name when placing the order to facilitate the subsequent customs clearance operations for real-name verification step. Please note that after a Taiwanese customer places an order, if the recipient is an individual, the courier company will, in accordance with the relevant regulations of Taiwan Customs, may require the recipient to provide the "recipient's tax number" (identity card number) so that the courier can Successfully complete customs clearance and delivery.

For more information, please visit the following link from the Customs Affairs Department of the Ministry of Finance of Taiwan:

If you have more questions about this announcement, you can call the Customs Department to inquire:
Contact person: Import Business Section, Customs Clearance Business Group, Customs Affairs Department
Contact information: 02-25505500 ext. 2539

*When we receive an order sent to Taiwan, we will send an email to remind the customer to register with the Yili Committee before they can successfully receive the goods. We will deliver the goods to the courier company after we receive the customer's real-name authentication notification. In order not to affect the delivery time, please pay attention to the email! If you encounter problems, we are happy to help!