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  • Stephy little girl story

    The little girl Stephy talked about herself: Gender: Female Age: The eternal little daughter in her mother's heart. Birthplace: Little Dream Town. Features: Stupid little hands, chubby face, small eyes, but pure and flawless eyes. Character: Pure and Happy. When she is happy, she will yell joyfully. Hobbies: Like being hugged, playing with bubbles, drawing...
  • Who does StephyDesignHK create silk scarf buttons for?

    Scarf lovers, illustration lovers, hand-made lovers, fans of Stephydesignhk... In fact, I believe that all women who like to wear silk scarves, whether fool or smart, would love our scarf ring creative design.
  • StephyDesignHK is a closer, intimate gift

    StephyDesignHK has been working hard to create heartfelt gifts with designs that delight people. Three elements of good gift: 1. Practical and high-quality, beautiful look that pleasing to the eye 2. With message that can express love, personalized and exclusive customization 3. Exquisite packaging, concise and attentive. After a long time of creation and thinking, we finally launched a series of hand-painted greeting cards with original illustration silk scarves and silk scarf button gift boxes.