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  • [Mother's Day Gift] A gift that will move mom at once~ StephyDesignHK exclusively recommends Designs for Mother Gift Set!

    On Mother's Day, would you like to send a gift that will make your mother feel sweet and touching? Who do you think of? Your biological mother, spouse's mother, grandmother, godmother, aunt, aunt... this time ...who want to say "Mom I love you! Thank you!"

    StephyDesignHK designs different [Mother's Day gifts] with heart to show love to mothers~ Lazy bag! Come and have a look! 

  • Stephy little girl story

    The little girl Stephy talked about herself: Gender: Female Age: The eternal little daughter in her mother's heart. Birthplace: Little Dream Town. Features: Stupid little hands, chubby face, small eyes, but pure and flawless eyes. Character: Pure and Happy. When she is happy, she will yell joyfully. Hobbies: Like being hugged, playing with bubbles, drawing...
  • Who does StephyDesignHK create silk scarf buttons for?

    Scarf lovers, illustration lovers, hand-made lovers, fans of Stephydesignhk... In fact, I believe that all women who like to wear silk scarves, whether fool or smart, would love our scarf ring creative design.
  • StephyDesignHK is a closer, intimate gift

    StephyDesignHK has been working hard to create heartfelt gifts with designs that delight people. Three elements of good gift: 1. Practical and high-quality, beautiful look that pleasing to the eye 2. With message that can express love, personalized and exclusive customization 3. Exquisite packaging, concise and attentive. After a long time of creation and thinking, we finally launched a series of hand-painted greeting cards with original illustration silk scarves and silk scarf button gift boxes.