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Who does StephyDesignHK create silk scarf buttons for?

Where did the creation idea of the silk scarf button come from?

stephy scarf ring

I like to use silk scarves to match clothes. I like simple clothes. No matter summer or winter, I choose a silk scarf to wear on my shoulders. I always feel refreshed and energetic.。

I also have a bad temper, that is, I don’t like the rules, and I don’t like the same. Even if I wear the same silk scarf every day, I want to tie different effects. I like creativity and innovation. Every time I tie a silk scarf, I think of very complicated steps. I was in a bad mood, but I couldn't accept the dull dressing. I started to think about how to fix the silk scarf easily and at the same time give full play to my creativity. 

I thought about it... I need a circle that can wrap the silk scarf, but I want a beautiful pattern, and the silk scarf fancy can be beautiful... I found a lot of information, and I searched for it. The material of the relationship, and the best way to tie the silk scarf, in the end, I draw the silk scarf button that I want, and realize it 

stephy scarf ring

 Who is the STEPHY scarf button design for??

Scarf lovers, pattern illustration lovers, hand-made lovers, fans of Stephydesignhk...Actually I believe that all women who like to use silk scarves to wear and wear, whether handicapped or handy, want to share this with them creative design。

The silk scarf buckle can not only be used to tie the silk scarf on the shoulder, but also more convenient to tie it on the wrist, on the head, and become a fashionable turban hairpin! Check out the following video demonstration! Very simple steps, just look at it會。

The silk scarf buckle is made there?

Just in our studio, from the design of the pattern, the typesetting and printing, the cutting of the silk scarf buckle table paper, and the carefully inlaid crystal gems, each process is carefully crafted and completed by hand. Although the process is not easy, it is made for customized customers every time. When the silk scarf buckle is installed, my heart is satisfied because love circulates among us, and the guests give us the love they want to convey to us and help them complete, so they are full of joy喜樂。

stephydesignhk scarf ring

 Tips for silk scarf buckle matching silk scarf TIPS:

All silk scarves, whether it is Bandana, Neck Scarves, Long Scarves, can be tied with silk scarf buttons to create different cute, elegant and creative images.。

stephy scarf


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