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Stephy's Story

 My dream is that many people like Stephy And receive the message of love. When everyone feels tired, bored, and powerless, as long as they see Stephy's illustrations, they can feel better, and see the color of life, and use positive power to walk on.  
stephydesignhk alice


Alice, the founder of the Stephy brand, was inspired by her little daughter,

Created the IP image of Stephy's little girl 


 Seeing Stephy, I immediately feel full of love~ The innocent and happy cute girl Stephy represents love, joy, and hope. 

stephydesignhk-alice & stephy

stephydesignhk banner 

 Alice and her design team created the StephyDesighHK studio, using rich colors and detailed brush strokes to present "simple" and "happiness" in the form of experience, wishing to add happiness and warmth to the ordinary life.  
stephy dog

The drawing inspiration of StephyDesignHK was created by the little Stephy girl who stretched to the beauty of nature;

Flowers, birds, animals. Hand-painted illustrations are not just drawn inDrawing paperOn, also printed onSilk scarf, phone case, Handbagswithcanvason.  
We wholeheartedly create high-quality and beautiful products, decorate your life with beauty, and bring happiness into your home.

  stephy tote bag

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