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StephyDesignHK is a closer, intimate gift

STEPHY GIFT           

The founder Alice believes that love and being loved are the happiest things in the world. She has a vision to create elaborate gifts that can bring people closer together. 

Everyone is born with a desire to love and be loved. When we receive the language of love given by others, we feel loved, accepted, and even affirmed. What a happy moment this is! Love and being ignited by love Life, optimizing life. Therefore, StephyDesignHK has been working hard to create meticulous gifts designed to make people happy. We believe that a good gift has three elements: 1 the product is practical and high-quality, the appearance is beautiful and pleasing, 2. It can express the language of inner love, and provide personalized Exclusive customized gifts are even more touched by those who receive gifts, and also represent a unique heart. 3. Exquisite packaging, simple and intentional.就好。 

 After a long time, a lot of day and night creation and thinking, we finally launched a series ofThe hand-painted greeting card is matched with original illustration silk scarf and silk scarf button gift box.


  • Goods practical and high quality, beautiful appearance: Stephy silk scarf selectionSilk cloth with high quality feel~High-quality polyester filament. It has a soft and subtle luster, and it is printed with high-definition STEPHY original painting style and delicate, colorful patterns, each silk scarf is more unique and elegant, making people feel comfortablestephy scarf
  • Express gratitude, the language of love:It may be a busy life, or a daily life that is too accustomed to, even if we have a gratitude to friends and family in our hearts, we can't care about expressing it. When we remember, we have missed the best time to connect with feelings, or have difficulty expressing it. We are willing to provide youUnique text creation card, Express gratitude, encouragement and love to mothers, teachers, girlfriends, friends, and family members, respectively. The text of each heart card is created by the designer, and the drawing pattern is combined with the printed illustration on the silk scarf. We believe that , Gifts with written expression can increase mutual intimacy。
  • Exquisite packaging:We know that a gift with exquisite packaging can represent a delicate feeling and a value, so every gift box is made by ourselves.Hand packaging, From the folding of the silk scarf, the tailoring of the heart card, and the creation of the silk scarf buckle, we have meticulously completed every step by hand. Although packaging a gift is slow, but only in this way can we live up to your trust任。stephy heartfelt message card

We launch personalized, customized exclusive name gifts, plus an exclusive illustration design with a sincere text greeting card, carefully packaged in an exquisite gift box, and all hand-made.

  • Exclusive customization: Everyone has received a lot of gifts, but they have their own name, birthday date, anniversary, location, etc., gifts that are worth remembering, may be more cherished and unforgettable。

         Let her know how much you care about her! 

stephy personalized gift    stephy scarf ring

 "Can't go home, and hope to give her a gift as soon as possible"

We understand that Stephydesignhk provides a freehand card service on behalf of guests, and sends the gift you choose to her with affectionate words.

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