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Here's Your Free Scarf Ring Tutorials!

stephydesignhk tutorial

How to use scarf ring?

A good silk scarf can wonderfully enhance your temperament and popularity. Even "you don't know how to tie a silk scarf", or "you think you are worst in handcraft", come and try our stephy scarf ring , it is so easy to use to tie a scarf.

The designer herself is clumsy of tying a scarf , so she created this silk scarf ring. Today I would like to share with you how to use this small and delicate silk scarf ring to easily tie different outfits according to the style you want to present! 

The Stephy Scarf Ring is very convenient to use. A bumbling savior who can't tie a scarf! ~✿ 

STEPHY 絲巾扣綁法教學Stephydesignhk introduce "Sixteen" ways to use Silk Scarf ring (with video tutorial)

Today we will introduce 16 ways of tying silk scarves on different sizes and shapes with stephy scarves ring. Beginners who have never used silk scarves will learn it immediately after reading it. There are video tutorials for each tying method, just follow the instructions. Step by step, you can easily have different fashion and beautiful outfits.


 ♥ Sailor Knot

Just like a sailor's scarf, tied in a cute and lively style, with Shirts, V-necks, and suspender skirts are all suitable. 
stephydesignhk scarves tutorials

 ♥Bow Tie

Like a small butterfly falling on the collar, it ties into a smart and lightweight style, suitable for matching V-neck, one-shoulder top, collared suit. 

stephy scarf tutorial

♥Basic Slide knot

Simple and versatile tying method, easy to pull, showing a delicate and atmospheric style, suitable for matching One-shoulder tops, round neck, V neck, square neck clothing. 

stephydesignhk scarf ring tutorial


Simple decoration, like a gorgeous necklace around the neck, simple and fashionable, suitable for girls with long necks, it is excellent with one-shoulder tops, shirts, v-necks, square necks, and collared suits.

stephydesignhk scarf ring♥ Collar Cross

Use a silk scarf ring to tie a live collar around the neck, giving people a variety of beauty, suitable for matching V-neck, crew neck, low-neck tops, knitted clothes. 

stephy scarves lesson

♥Wrist Knot

The silk scarf is tied to the wrist, and a silk scarf ring can be used to adjust. It is so simple that it can be tied with one hand, and it is fashionable and stylish, and can be matched with different images.

stephydesignhk handband scarf

stephydesignhk woman scarf

♥ Cow Girl Knot

The silk scarf pattern is so beautiful, I really want to spread it out in front of people, it is suitable to tie a cow girl knot, so that the silk scarf will be displayed on the chest in a large area, suitable for matching with V-neck, lowCollar top, one shoulder top.

how to wear scarf

♥Half Bow Knot

The unilateral bow tie method makes the dress look more playful and elegant. Suitable for round neck, bottleCollar, V-neck clothes. 

how to tie stephy scarf

♥ Shawl Butterfly Knot

Simply put the silk scarf on your shoulders, pull the silk scarf across gently, and it will instantly become a beautiful and elegant outer shawl. It is suitable to wear with any clothes, no matter what you wear under the shawl, you will become gorgeous in secondsstephy square scarf

stephy long scarfstephydesignhk long scarf

 ♥Criss Cross

A long silk scarf tie with a scarf ring become a shawl, that can be worn with jeans and a long skirt, which looks elegant and sweet. Suitable for matching with low-neck tops, knitted clothes. 

Stephydesignhk shawls

♥ French Loop Knot

Simply wear a long silk scarf with French loop knot, you can embellish the monotonous clothing, tie a lively and lovely feeling, suitable for matching V-neck, crew neck, square neck, bottle neck tops. 

stephy shawl

♥ Twist Wrap

Gently pulls out a bow through the silk scarf ring on the chest, which is simple and fast, with a little sweetness in the simplicity. Suitable for matching with one-line neck, V-neck, spring and summer vest skirt.STEPHY 蘭花TWILLY

♥ Basic Slide Looped

The narrow and long scarf is worn through the scarf ring, which can be directly used as a necklace to add a sense of fashion to clothes. Suitable for matching with flat neck and dresses, knitted clothes. 

♥ Button Knot

It takes less than two seconds to tie it up. It is the fastest way to tie it. It also adds a lot of color to the coat. It is suitable for you who have a sense of color. 

stephy twilly tutorial

♥Necklace Looped

Narrow and long silk around the neck can not only prevent the cold, but also very suitable for girls with long necks. Suitable for a flat neck, roundCollars, dresses, and knitted low-neck garments. 
stephy long scarf & ring
After watching the video on how to tie a scarf, can't wait to start trying to make your favorite look? I hope you will like our creations. Each scarf ring is handmade with heart, and personal customization is also welcome. Come! Order an unique silk scarf ring with your own name.

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