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StephyDesignHK-Hong Kong Features/Hong Kong Souvenirs-"Hong Kong Good Place" Scarf Gift Set

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◆Stephy Guoguo Hong Kong original brand "Hong Kong in Memory" hand-painted map silk scarf with silk scarf button noble gift set

Hong Kong is a wonderful place where Chinese and Western cultures intersect. There are local traditional cultural products and Western fashion innovations. The combination is a very interesting and rich city. Look for the Hong Kong in your memory on this silk scarf!

This is a heart gift set box with a silky square scarf and a silk scarf buckle with the same picture. If you want to send her a moving gift, you can leave a message with the designer and send a heart card. If you send it directly to the other party, write the card for you and send it. ~ Suitable for Christmas gifts, birthdays of good sisters, bridesmaids, girlfriends, mothers, teacher's day gifts, thanksgiving gifts

Purchase options: You can choose the following different options according to your personal preference.

1) "Hong Kong in Memory" silk scarf
◆Size: 54x54CM
◆Material: high-grade polyester filament
Silky touch, skin-friendly and comfortable.

◆Each silk scarf gift box is equipped with a handmade silk scarf buckle: 
Material: bronze polished alloy + glass crystal gem surface

2) Choose silk scarf buckle preference
A) As picture pattern silk scarf button
B) Personal custom silk scarf buckle (you can add English letters on the silk scarf buckle and give it to her on the date) 

Well-designed silk scarf buckle, can add exclusive name, date, English alphabet, Show more heart and respect. 

handkerchiefThe classic style never ends. You can wear this scarf in various ways according to your preferences. In summer, this small square turns into a turban, a small scarf, easy to match, casual art.
In autumn and winter, cool nights in spring and summer, where there is air conditioning or where you just need a little more warmth, you can keep warm with this silk scarf. When not in use, this small square can be rolled up and easily put into your wallet.

Each gift box is beautifully packaged by hand, and it contains:
◆ A 54X54CM silk soft illustration square scarf
◆ A bronze glass spar silk scarf buckle or Personal custom silk scarf buckle,

Note: The silk scarf buckle is individually customized, and it takes 7 working days to make!

◆On this special day, we present a heart card with envelope, There are different designs for the cover of the heart card, and there is a blank space for you to fill in. Leave a message for us to consult the style of the wish card~

 ◭Using and maintenance methods◮

Scarves can only be washed by hand, wash carefully to avoid snagging

Production time and delivery details

-Each product only needs 1-2 working days to complete the production (P.S. Customized products are completed in 5-7 working days)
-Orders placed today can be sent out tomorrow at the earliest
-Free shipping in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan
shipping time:
China, Hong Kong 3-5 working days
Taiwan, Macau 5-7 working days
Worldwide: Expedited Shipping 7-15 working days

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