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StephyDesignHK white swan tempered glass phone case for iPhone 7/8/iPhone7/8+

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◆◆Mirror glass texture can best highlight the delicate strokes and rich colors of the illustrations of ﹝STEPHY Guoguo﹝.

STEPHY white swan mirror tempered mobile phone protective case not only protects the mobile phone, but also serves as a portable art exhibition.
Every one of your favorite paintings follows you, look at the paintings as you like, and relax.

StephyDesignHK White Swan Tempered Glass Phone Case for iPhone 7/8/iPhone7/8 plus

Clean immediately after wiping, easy to clean, you can directly spray the anti-epidemic disinfectant on the case, safe and secure. The best protection against epidemicsshell. 

High-hardness explosion-proof tempered glass shell, with anti-scratch treatment, bright and crystal clear.

➣Soft rubber edging is easy to install and disassemble, no damage to the machine due to collision, seamless fit without loosening
➣Protruding lens design to prevent lens scratches, all-round protection
➣ Tempered glass back panel is anti-scratch and non-yellowing, anti-oxidation


➣Mobile phone hanging hole, set the mobile phone hanging hole, convenient for hanging ornaments or hanging ropes, etc. 

A phone case will be more than just a kit to protect your phone,It is an accessory to show your own style, fans should not miss it, a variety of design patterns, fashionable and practical.


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