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Ultra Light iPhone Case-Stephydesignhk
ultra impact iPhone Case-Stephydesignhk
iPhone X case-Stephydesignhk
stephy phonecase-Stephydesignhk
stephy iPhone case-Stephydesignhk
iPhone X case-Stephydesignhk
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StephyDesignHK Afternoon tea ultra-thin lightweight full protection phone case/ iPhone X/XsMax

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◆◆Do you want the ultra-thin feel of the original Pingguo iPhone, but also want to have anti-drop protection? Stephy's ultra-thin and ultra-light design mobile phone protective case can help you. Not only is it light, it is closest to the bare phone feel, and it has four corners Thick soft rubber provides comprehensive protection against impact, shock and drop. Specially designed front sound transfer hole to prevent dust from entering the speaker hole, stereo speakers.

Ultra-light, ultra-thin and drop-proof, The protective case that is closest to the feel of the bare phone


●Four-corner edging fuselage design, seamless fit without loosening
●Lens protruding design to prevent lens scratches, all-round protection


Bare edge design, restoring the thin body texture of Pingguo iPhone


➣Sound steering design, the sound structure is imported from the front, and you don't have to worry about the sound being covered when playing games with your hands.
➣ Precise drilling
➣Stereo speaker, raise the volume, and the sound quality is more stereo.
➣Prevent the speaker hole from dust

➣ 3d embossed hand-painted body, non-slip, textured

➣Mobile phone hanging hole, set the mobile phone hanging hole, convenient for hanging ornaments or hanging ropes, etc.


A phone case will be more than just a kit to protect your phone,It is an accessory to show your own style, fans should not miss it, a variety of design patterns, fashionable and practical.



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