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stephy phonecase-Stephydesignhk
stephy phone case-Stephydesignhk
stephy phonecase-Stephydesignhk
stephy iPhone case-Stephydesignhk
stephy phone case-Stephydesignhk
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StephyDesignHK little elf iPhone case with invisible stand - iPhone X

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 Stephy Elf iPhone X case, The soft edge design wraps the mobile phone more closely, and the invisible bracket makes the pattern of the entire mobile phone case more complete, beautiful, fashionable and exquisite embossed pattern design, not only has a better touch, but also makes the picture more three-dimensional, making you feel Its environment!

STEPHY "Elf"Invisible bracket Iphone X exclusive three-dimensional embossed mobile phone case

●Material: All-soft TPU all-inclusive edge, hard embossed PC backplane


●With stand, The foldable stand is hidden, which is convenient and efficient for watching videos, eliminating the trouble of carrying the stand when traveling.

Material features: high-quality drop-resistant materials
Phone case back panel: made of thermoplastic polyurethane (PC), when the phone is dropped, the phone case will absorb the impact,
And it has anti-scratch function to provide strong protection for your mobile phone.

Binding: With UV-resistant polycarbonate (TPU), the border is soft to the touch and feels better

Surface: 3D embossed, non-slip three-dimensional touch.

The hand-painted texture is rich, and it takes 12 embossing processes and 5 ink printings to present the artisan embossed patterns in high-definition and three-dimensional.scratch proof,Defendfade, reliefThe surface can withstand the scratch test of a hundred-grid knife, and it will not fall off.


full protection
The back shell of the mobile phone is strong and durable, and the surrounding materials are soft, which can effectively absorb impact and provide comprehensive protection. The slightly higher frame design also protects the screen.

sensitive button
Crafted with metal plating, it protects the volume and power keys from scratches, and enhances the touch and sensitivity of the buttons.

reject fingerprint
The whole body is micro-brushed, refreshing and non-greasy technology, which can effectively prevent fingerprints and keep the whole body clean.

➣Mobile phone hanging hole, set the mobile phone hanging hole, convenient for hanging ornaments or hanging ropes, etc.


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