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StephyDesignHK Leisure moment C Wall Art print/Library Decor/study room Decoration/ Vintage Decor

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Leisure moment Wall art painting print of original hand art, add happiness , joy and positive feelings and create harmony in space.  

A pleasant time in my childhood was Grandpa story time. In an afternoon, in a quiet room, my heart was excited with the story. I have forgotten the time, I have forgotten the space, just remember the story of me and grandpa .

Stephy unique design|Enjoy Happy life

- We use museum and gallery quality Canvas, waterproof and colorfast for 10 years in-door decor.
- This is a superior quality giclee art print on heavyweight Canvas 400gsm paper

-Original Hand painting and dual printed with a high-resolution using premium quality, making the images extra vibrant and sharp.  

Worldwide customer pls. select Paper tube packaging without frame!

The printing canvas is sent out in paper tube packaging, which is safe and easy to handle.


 Non-framed paper tube packaging, fabric drawing paper, Size; 7 inches, 10 inches, 14 inches and 20 inches, will be sent out in paper tube packaging, which is safe and easy to handle.

*We have variety of sizes, just send message to us if you need a custom size


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“ - Made to order take 10 working days.

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Framed wall art option only applicable to customers from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, and mainland China. Due to transportation issues, we are sorry that this options are not available for customers from other region.

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